New and upcoming personal projects.

kanjidic-parser kanjidic-parser |

An API to parse the KANJIDIC2   data file.

sod-builder sod-builder |

A tool for recording the stroke-order of glyphs.

mandala mandala | [history]

A tool for remembering the kanji.

kanji-doc kanji-doc

A collection of documents that got me interested in kanji:

  • 07.25.11: Received Dr. Heisig's permission and posted the introduction from his classic book  . thank you!

  • 07.18.11: Received Dr. Breen's permission and uploaded his kanji classification document. thank you!

Documents written by me:

  • 09.02.11: A reference for kana transliteration.

If you find any of my work useful, send me a book from my wishlist  .

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